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Easy, because they are the best! Some car owners continuously return to the same mechanic, thinking that the car is the problem and not the mechanic. It’s important to find the best mechanics who specialize in quality auto repair.

Certified Mechanics

People mention the value of working with ASE certified mechanics. An Automotive Service Excellence certification is a guarantee that a certain mechanic is competent enough to perform the job. Being ASE certified is not a legal requirement, but it is a standard that many mechanics and shop owners go by. They have to take a new test every 5 years to refresh their skills. The test helps them to keep up with the latest advancements in car technology and road safety.

Cost Estimates

Know the average rates of the repairs you need. Many companies allow you to request online quotes based on the car make, model, and condition. You can also drive into the shop and have the mechanic look it over and provide an estimate. Collecting several estimates will help you compare and come up with an average cost.


Some auto mechanic shops are busy as mechanics move from one car to the next. However, that is no excuse for not answering the customers’ questions or tending to their individual car needs. Be able to communicate with your mechanic effectively, whether your repair job lasts for one hour or several days. See how well the business does in the areas of customer service and technical support.
Most car owners wait until the car stops running before they find a mechanic. When they do, they choose any name that comes up in search results. Later, they regret it when the car malfunctions again, but they still return to the same mechanic. At All Pro Auto Care their clients know their mechanics are certified and experienced.



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