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Every time you get into your car, it is the vehicle’s “starter” that you rely on to drive it from one place to another. The starter utilizes the battery’s power to rotate the flywheel and jumpstart the engine turning it on. Here, the “alternator” powers up the battery by continuously recharging the system.

However, auto alternator problems are one of the most serious issues to handle. Once they appear, your vehicle can be rendered useless and without electric power. Usually, it is a gradual process, so you must be on the lookout for signs; otherwise, you can be left stranded in emergencies. Thus, once you understand there are problems with your alternator, do not delay the alternator repairs or replacement.

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No one does it better than ALL PRO Autocare experts when it comes to auto alternator repair and replacement in Wylie! Our ASE-certified professionals perform checks to examine if you have a bad alternator and suggest potential solutions. Call us at (972) 442 0032 today for reliable and affordable auto alternator repairs in Wylie.

How Does An Alternator Work?

In simple words, your vehicle’s alternator helps maintain the car’s battery. With the help of engine power, this generator-like component on the vehicle produces electricity (from mechanical energy) to keep the battery fully charged. It is usually the size of a coconut and mounted on the vehicle’s front end with a belt going around it.

Engine power travels to the alternator through the engine drive belt, which is why the belt, too, needs special care and maintenance. The alternator is designed to provide the right amount and type of power to the vehicle. A well-maintained alternator may last for about seven years and, in some cases, even outlast the engine.

Understand it in this way – if all you had were a battery on the vehicle to power on the lights, power windows, wipers, entertainment systems, onboard navigation, and heated seats, these electric components would drain the battery in a matter of hours. So to prevent such a scenario, vehicles utilize an alternator to keep the battery fully charged always.

Common Alternator Problems

Without any tools and expertise, it is pretty challenging to diagnose alternator problems. Some of the indications that you have alternator concerns may include the following:

  • The battery sign stays on once you start the vehicle and remains always glowing.
  • Battery indication light stays dimly lit throughout the time
  • The battery warning light does not glow up when you turn the ignitionor the vehicle
  • You can hear high pitched shredding, screeching, or grinding noises like something broke severely in the engine compartment
  • Flickering (and not minor pulsating) headlights
  • Headlight bulbs burning out at least once every month
  • Power supply fluctuations or surges to the electric components
  • Higher alternator voltage causing foul smell coming from the battery
  • Snapping or over-tension of the engine drive or serpentine belt
  • Irregular maintenance
  • Damaged wiring around the alternator vicinity
  • Installing cheap quality spare parts
  • Filthy and rusty alternator connectors
  • Jumpstarting the vehicle in an improper manner

In simple terms, a vehicle with a good battery but a problem while starting up may directly indicate an alternator problem. If these signs go unaddressed or unnoticed, your car battery will die. So, keep a look at these warning signs and contact your trusted neighborhood repair shop for professional assistance.

Your Next Steps?

The first and foremost solution to alternator problems in Wylie, Texas, is replacing the existing or old alternator with a new one. It, however, comes with a higher price tag as alternators aren’t cheap, especially ones that are of a premium make. So make sure if you do choose to replace the alternator, you get a guarantee on the product, and a trusted mechanic only performs the replacement. Also, replacement is a suitable solution if the product is damaged beyond repair and the cost of replacement is lower or equal to alternator repairs.

Your second option is to replace the damaged alternator with a refurbished alternator. It is an affordable alternative to buying a new alternator but may not last as long as a brand new product. So, make sure you are purchasing the refurbished alternator only from a trusted source, and the product comes with a guarantee.  

The third and final option is to repair the damaged alternator, a budget-friendly alternative to replacements. Remember, alternators are components meant to be pulled out, cleaned, repaired, and reassembled. So, you can also fix the alternator yourself, provided you are well versed with the “troubleshoot, repair, and maintain” process.

When done adequately, the repairs can last you at least 50,000 to 60,000 miles (about 100,000 to 200,000 miles in case of new). But if there is even a minor mistake, your vehicle may encounter additional problems.

Sure repairing the alternator pretty much requires you to disconnect the battery, serpentine belt, and bolt the alternator along with removing its connectors. Also, everything done in reverse reinstalls the alternator. However, it is in your best interest to bring your vehicle to an ALL PRO Autocare specialist in Wylie who can do all this for you in half the time and hassle.

Call ALL PRO Autocare To Schedule Alternator Repair in Wylie, TX!

An alternator makes a vital vehicle component since it keeps the battery and all electrical components up and running. But, if you suspect a problem, call an ALL PRO Autocare mechanic at (972) 442-0032 for reliable auto alternator repairs in Wylie, TX. You can also request a quote online to schedule your vehicle repairs right away.

If anything goes wrong with your vehicle due to an accident, aggressive Wylie storm, or unexpected occurrence, we have you covered. Apart from alternator repairs in Wylie, TX, we offer an extensive range of other auto care services with our 20+ years of industry experience, certified technicians, and top-of-the-line repair equipment.

From alignments to brake repairexhaust system repairsengine rebuildsoil changeoff-road vehicle assistancesuspension service, and sensor diagnostics, we fix your vehicle and get it back to its original, safe condition.

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