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We all understand that a car’s braking system needs to be replaced after it has been worn out, but how often should you get your brakes serviced? Brake servicing means servicing all the various components of your vehicle’s braking system (lubricating, cleaning, etc.) without having to replace them. 


Brakes are serviced to ensure they function correctly between replacements, making your vehicle safe to drive. Your vehicle’s brakes need to be inspected regularly and serviced by a professional from ALL PRO Autocare whenever required. 

If there is dust or dirt buildup on your brakes or when some parts of the braking system show signs of seizing up or start sticking, it may cause brake noise. Some vehicle manufacturers include a brake service in their maintenance schedule. In contrast, others specify that your braking system needs to be checked in regular time or mileage intervals, ideally after 5,000 – 7,000 miles or after 5 – 6 months of driving, whichever comes first. 

A proper braking system is something non-negotiable when it comes to vehicles. Stopping your car is much more essential than making it go since safety is always a priority. To ensure the overall safety of your passengers, yourself, and other drivers on the road, it is vital that you properly maintain your braking system. 

It would help if you also got all your brake repairs done as soon as possible. You need to keep an eye out if your brakes start to squeak, grind, or make any other type of abnormal noises since it suggests that your braking system is not working correctly. You can even bring in your car if you feel like your brake does not feel “right.”

There are numerous advantages of getting your brake serviced. Well-maintained brake pads tend to show signs of wear more evenly and can last longer while maintaining their efficiency. Servicing your vehicle’s braking system is even more important in the “salt belt” since the presence of road salt can speed up the overall corrosion of your braking system. Regular brake servicing and checks can keep you and your passengers safe when on the road, but the benefits do not stop there.

Our team from ALL PRO Autocare has written down some of the significant benefits you get by having your brakes checked.

Lower repair costs

The friction your brake pads use to bring your vehicle to a halt, along with the heat produced, can cause deterioration to various components of your braking system. Getting the brakes checked regularly will allow you to rectify any minor issues before they become major.

Brake pads are both affordable and easy to replace. Nevertheless, if you take too much time before getting your next service, it can result in wearing away your brake pads altogether. This will result in damaging your brake disks each time you apply brakes. 

The overall cost of replacing the brake disk will be much more significant than getting your brake pads replaced. The brake fluid is another vital component of your vehicle’s braking system that needs to be checked. By keeping the quality of your brake fluid at the appropriate level, you can protect your braking system against corrosion which may lead to far more significant repairs and replacements.

Braking efficiency

Issues with your vehicle’s braking system time slowly creep up on you. Critical components such as your brake pads tend to deteriorate and wear away gradually, which means that you may not have a chance to notice the effects on your vehicle’s stopping distance until you have to stop urgently. Having the brakes checked regularly enables you to feel more confident in your vehicle’s stopping distance.

Improving fuel economy

Whether caused by problems in your braking system or by your driving habits, hard brakes may result in poor fuel economy. When your brakes work correctly, stopping off your vehicle should be smooth each time. Having your brakes checked by professionals from ALL PRO Autocare will help you save a lot of money on fuel, as well as prevent any wear to your tires or your suspension.

Catching all warning signs

A regular brake check is the best time for you to bring up any other changes that you may have noticed in your braking system – regardless if you have seen any difference in performance. Squealing and/or noisy brakes may indicate that it is time for you to have your brake pad replaced, whereas scraping or grinding noise means you have damage on your braking disks.

It is always worth mentioning if you have been feeling a change in the way your vehicle’s pedal feels (whether it has become firmer or softer) since it could be a sign of a more significant issue. If you notice any of these warning signs, it would be best to allow professionals from ALL PRO Autocare to come and take a look. 

Should you get your brakes serviced or replaced? 

If your brake pads get worn too much or if the safe limit or your brake discs are in bad shape, it may be more cost-effective for you to replace your brakes rather than servicing them. If you are from Wylie, TX, and are having trouble deciding whether you should get your brakes repaired or replaced, you need to get in touch with a professional mechanic or service technician from ALL PRO Autocare at once. 

On average, a regular disk brake can last for 35,000 to 50,000 miles. Rear drums, however, tend to last even longer, sometimes up to 150,000 miles without requiring change. 

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