Engine Rebuilds in Wylie, TX

Many people have heard of engine rebuilds, but not all pay close attention to what goes into rebuilding an engine or why an engine might need to be rebuilt until they are faced with such a reality. An automobile engine might need to be rebuilt for a variety of reasons, of which we will take a closer look at.

Reasons Why an Engine May Require a Rebuild

The two most common reasons for engine rebuilds are due to worn engine bearings and inadequately seated piston rings. Of course, these are not the only reasons why a vehicle owner might choose to rebuild their engine, or we at ALL PRO Autocare might recommend a rebuild – they are just the most common.

The engine is made of many moving parts (such as the rods, crankshaft, and pistons) which are mounted to bearings that allow such parts to move freely. These bearings should always remain lubricated with engine oil. Though these bearings are built for the long haul, normal wear and tear can occasionally take a toll on their effectiveness. Additionally, the wear of these parts is exponentially accelerated when a vehicle is neglected or poorly maintained. Such neglect might include running the vehicle when the oil level is low, or an oil change was not made, and dirty oil is allowed to circulate through the system.

Top-of-the-Line Engine Rebuilds

We have offered top-of-the-line engine rebuild services at ALL PRO Autocare for the better part of 20 years now. When we rebuild engines, there are a few basic things that we do in order to restore the engine to sufficient working condition. First, we remove the lower half of the engine to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned – this is so that we can properly assess the state of the block. What moving parts we replace will depend entirely on the condition of the block, where in some cases we are able to restore and reuse existing pieces. We will recondition the internal surfaces and cylinders to ensure a proper seal between the pistons and cylinder walls and then reassemble the engine. Once the engine is reinstalled, we will recondition the cylinder head.

Signs You Might Need an Engine Rebuild

The most common sign that your vehicle may be in need of an engine rebuild is oil consumption. Additionally, white smoke from the exhaust – particularly when the engine is cold – indicates a possible need for an engine rebuild. You might also notice metal shavings present in your engine’s oil, as well as a “chattering” or “knocking” sound from the engine itself.

If you suspect that your engine is in need of a rebuild, we advise you to bring your vehicle into your local Wylie, TX engine experts at ALL PRO Autocare today. We will reliably assess the condition of your engine and determine whether or not a rebuild is the most reasonable solution to your vehicle’s problem.

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