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If you are a vehicle owner who is confused about the right time you need to get your oil changed, how often you should get it changed, and the best type of oil for your vehicle, then our team from ALL PRO Autocare can set you straight.

When should you change your oil?

Even though this may sound strange, but the answer to a lot of these questions is going to be the same: check your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Auto Care 101

The owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle is your car’s operation and maintenance Bible. As a driver, you should never make any assumptions based on your past experiences or guidance from an old mechanic who profits from the work since times have evolved over the years.

Many pickup trucks, cars, and service vehicles have a dedicated service reminder monitor which alerts their drivers when it’s time to get an oil change.

These systems typically monitor the total amount of miles that a vehicle has traveled along with measuring their oil. They also sense how hard the vehicle is being driven and try to adjust accordingly.

Make sure that you get your vehicle’s oil changed as soon as you receive such an alert.

How often should you check your oil?

As a driver, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your vehicle’s oil levels. Even if you are a new car owner, you may have to get your vehicle’s oil topped off between changes.

Our professionals from ALL PRO Autocare suggest that you check your oil level at least once every month. Ensure that you get all the required repairs done in case you spot any sign of a leak.

Check the vehicle’s owner’s manual and follow all the recommendations made by the automaker. A few modern cars have an electronic oil monitor but do not have a traditional dipstick for manual oil inspections.

If you have a dipstick and wish to check the oil levels yourself, make sure that your vehicle is parked straight on ground level.

If your vehicle has been running for a while, make sure that you know all the potential hot spots under the hood. With your vehicle’s engine turned off, start by opening the hood and find the dipstick. Take the dipstick out from the engine and wipe off any oil.

Then insert your dipstick back into its tube and push it down. Pull it out, and take a good look at both sides of the dipstick to determine the total oil level. All types of dipsticks have a way of indicating the adequate oil level, be it two pinholes, the words minimum and maximum, Letters L and H, or simply an area of cross hatching.

If you notice that the oil is somewhere between the two marks or within your crosshatched area, you do not have to worry about it for now. But if the oil is anywhere below the minimum level required, you need to get in touch with us.

You should pay close attention to the color of your oil. It should either appear black or brown. If you notice that it has a light or milky appearance, it could mean that your coolant is somehow leaking into the engine.

You need to check for any metal parts since it could mean that there is some internal engine damage in your vehicle. If you notice any of these conditions, you need to bring your car to ALL PRO Autocare for further diagnosis.

How often should you change the oil?

Some vehicle owners firmly believe that you need to get your vehicle’s oil changed every three months or after 3000 miles. Nevertheless, various advancements in oil and engines have made this guidance obsolete.

Many vehicles require an oil change after 7500 or even 10,000 miles and anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Your owner’s manual will give you much more detailed information about your vehicle than any mechanic does.

Following the manual on your car’s engine can help you stay well lubricated throughout the year, giving you the best possible performance from your vehicle.

It does not just matter about the total miles that your vehicle has driven. Even if you do not drive your vehicle a lot, you still need to change its oil to keep it fresh. Your engine oil starts to become less efficient with time, which can lead to shorter engine life.

Choose the right oil for your vehicle.

Again, start by looking at your owner’s manual. You don’t necessarily have to go for synthetic oil if it is not required.

In most newer automobiles, your car’s motor oil’s weight is often printed on the cap from where you add the oil. Ensure that you know what is recommended and required for your automobile before you visit a mechanic so that you can control the overall cost of the oil they put in.

If you wish to get the most out of your servicing and oil change, you need to find a mechanic who has a good reputation for experience and honesty.

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