What You Need to Know About Your Auto Exhaust System

Auto Exhaust System: A Critical Networkautomotive air pipes

The exhaust system of your vehicle exists to serve two main functions. Firstly, it is responsible for the difficult task of cleaning your emissions as much as possible by reducing the volatility of the pollutants in the exhaust gases. Second, it helps to keep your engine operating at the most efficient level it can. The auto exhaust system is engineered in such a way as to make it possible to do both tasks reliably. The expert technicians at All Pro Autocare inc are equipped with both the training and the equipment necessary to perform a full exhaust system replacement if that is what is necessary for your vehicle.

Major Exhaust System Parts

There are a few major parts in the auto exhaust system that bear mentioning:

Each of these parts fills a specific role in the overall workings of your vehicle. Each of them is critical to the functionality of the exhaust system, so if any one of them fails or functions at a lower level than expected, the entire system will suffer from a drop in performance, often in both emissions quality and fuel economy.

Catalytic Converter: Reducing Emissions

The catalytic converter has the biggest impact on the pollution level of the exhaust of any single component in a vehicle’s exhaust system, as it is responsible for performing what are known as oxidation and reduction reactions on the many different chemicals that are released by the engine in order to make them less dangerous to both people and the environment. Once the emissions have made their way through the catalytic converter, they are usually composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide and water vapor. While CO2 is still a pollutant, it is far less volatile and dangerous than some of the chemicals that come out of the engine’s combustion reactions. Some of these dangerous chemicals include various unburned hydrocarbons, as well as carbon monoxide, which is very toxic to humans. If your catalytic converter is damaged, your emissions will likely start to contain higher and higher concentrations of dangerous chemicals. This is illegal in many locations, so getting it replaced by a qualified auto repair shop such as All Pro Autocare inc in Wylie TX is very important.

Muffler: Reducing Noise Pollution

The amount of noise generated by the engine while it is running is incredibly high. The muffler is responsible for ‘muffling’ this noise such that it doesn’t cause so much noise as to be painful to the ears. The muffler provides a space where the incoming sound waves from the engine can bounce around inside, which creates an effect which works to cancel out some of the intensity. While this is great, if the muffler is not able to keep the gases moving through it quickly, it can cause the engine to start straining for oxygen to maintain the combustion process, as it relies on the exhaust being drawn out quickly to make room for replacement oxygen.

Exhaust System Replacement:

Because of the interconnected nature of the exhaust system, there is a possibility that if one part fails, and is not repaired quickly, it could cause damage to the rest of the system. In this case, replacing the entire exhaust system may be the best way to eliminate damage from the system and bring your car’s exhaust system back up to spec. Finding a reputable auto repair shop such as All Pro Autocare inc to perform the replacement helps to ensure that the job is done properly and all the parts are able to work together and function at the highest level. Check out the special offers at All Pro Autocare Inc.

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