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The summer is a bare on you, but it’s also a bare on your car. We’re talking Texas summers, among the worst of any state in the U.S. Summer heat certainly makes your car less comfortable and forces you to blast you’re AC. Though, we’ll focus on additional issues to discomfort. These are issues you should look to avoid or mitigate, so you don’t have to seek the help of a Wylie auto repair shop this summer.

Your air conditioner needs to be operating optimally

Wylie Auto RepairA car is supposed to be a place to avoid the outside heat. Thus, you need your air conditioner to be on it’s A game! A non-working unit is unacceptable, as is a unit that is blowing warm air. If it’s now working at all, then you need to seek Wylie auto repair ASAP. Chances are there is a leak somewhere in the unit if it is blowing warm air.

Either way actually, it’s best to seek professional car examination. You can top your AC with freon, but you’ll only be wasting your time if in fact there is a leak. An expert will be able to detect the leak right away and seal it to where you do not run into the same problem again this summer, or anytime soon. The older your vehicle, the more likely AC leaks are to occur. It’s not a bad idea to have a mechanic check the AC whenever you take your car in for oil changes or routine inspections.

Make sure your car battery fluid doesn’t evaporate

Extreme heat can cause car battery fluid to evaporate. This often results in an overcharge and can of course lead a vehicle to shut down completely. Car batteries are simple to replace. In fact, you can probably do it on your own. However, that doesn’t take away from an unneeded inconvenience when your car won’t start when you’re trying to get to work or trying to leave the grocery store parking lot.

To avoid the inconvenience, either remind yourself or find out how old your car battery is. It is recommended a battery be replaced every 3-5 years to maintain the well-being of the car’s electrical system. This is not generally a problem in the summer, but you should also try to avoid long occurrences in which your car is not driven. Batteries operate best with consistent charging; extended periods of inaction can cause problems.

There is always potential for a flat tire

Flat tires are random acts. Sure, you may get an alert that your tire pressure is running low; however, that doesn’t tell you the exact time in which it will pop. Heat actually causes tires to flex. And the more a tire flexes, the more air it will lose. Plus, how often do you see construction barrels throughout the summer. These barrels warn you from driving into areas under construction, but they also indirectly warn of loose nails.

Be cautious when driving through or near construction zones. All it takes is one nail to infiltrate once of your car tires and cause a rapid loss of air. Try your best to avoid potholes as well. This suggestion stands at all times of the year, though, the summer heat will once again result in greater flexing of your car tires as they roll over the pothole. Lastly, gauge your tire pressure. You can by a tire pressure gauge for very cheap at a local department store. Check your tire pressure every few months just to be safe.

Don’t let dull wipers effect your vision

Wylie Auto RepairIt seems minor, but it won’t be when once of those Wylie, TX thunderstorms come rolling in. When it rains, it pours. Dull windshield wipers can be very harmful when you are driving in the midst of a downpour. Suddenly, your vision is blurred and you can’t quite tell how far away you are from the vehicle in front of you. This is one way in which car accidents occur. The last thing you want is to get in a car accident in the middle of a thunderstorm.

All you have to do to avoid such a scenario is check your windshield wipers to ensure they are up for the task. Spray some test water on the windshield and run the wipers. If you hear an annoying squeaking sound then you may want to consider purchasing new ones. Plus, you should be able to easily tell if the wipers are worn just by a simple eye test. Keep in mind, you will not be able to pass a state inspection with dull wipers.

Engine overheating is a serious issue

100° day after 100° will naturally challenge your engine. More often than not it will hold up. With that said, an overheated engine is a serious problem. Overheating actually directly impacts the cooling system. A faulty cooling system causes a vehicle to overwork itself, and in this effort, the car could lose fluids.

If you notice fluids leaking from beneath your hood, it’s probably time to seek out Wylie auto repair. Evaporating substance from your air conditioner is of no worry, though, other substances are. Take your car to an auto mechanic to have the fluids levels checked. You don’t have to wait for an emergency situation to have them checked; fluid checks are an ideal add-on task for when your take your car in for an oil change.

Whether you plan on taking a road trip this summer or you’re just rummaging throughout town, heat can be ugly towards your car. As long as you keep the above in mind and make a conscience effort to avoid common summer issues, then you should be good to go anywhere without problem! If you do need Wylie auto repair or auto check, contact All Pro Auto Care at (972) 442-0032 and visit our website—www.allproautocareinc.com. Also, check out our blog for additional motor vehicle tips!

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